Barbados Canada Association

A not-for-profit organization  that supports charitable causes with a focus on youth and health

A non-partisan association of Barbadians and friends of Barbados in Canada, Barbados Canada Association is a vehicle by which beneficial relationships between Barbados and Canada can be forged for charitable purposes.

Our Mission is to provide

Annual scholarships to youth of Barbadian heritage attending recognized universities and/or colleges in Canada

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Financial assistance to organizations that provide healthcare programs or services
for the benefit of Barbadians in Canada and Barbados 
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Disaster Relief to groups and/or individuals in need of urgent assistance

2020 Board of Directors

Executive Committee Members

Joel Alleyne - Past President

Joel has worked with management across the Americas and Europe in non-profit organizations, school boards, professional service, health care, insurance, pharmaceutical, finance and government over the last thirty years. His work has included work with Senior Executives on Business and Organizational Strategy as well as Strategic Information and Technology Planning. He has worked with non-profit organizations specifically in the areas of Strategic and Organizational Planning, Information Management, and Knowledge Management. He is Chairman and principal shareholder for Crucible International Inc. - a Barbados based International Business Corporation. He has been an active supporter of the Barbados Ball in Canada over many years. He has also been a supporter of programs and events from Invest Barbados in the US, UK and Canada. As an employer in Barbados and Canada, Joel has a strong interest in the Diaspora.

Mark Hoyte - Chair & President

Mark has spent many years in the insurance industry and is now a Senior Underwriting Insurance Specialist with one of Canada’s largest insurance companies. One of Mark's passions is working with the youth in Canada and to this end he co-founded the Barbados Ambassadors Canada group and is the current Vice President of the Organization. He is an avid soccer player. He has coached soccer for over 20 years, first with the North Scarborough Soccer Club and is currently with the Unionville-Miliken Soccer Club. He has been involved for many years in bringing soccer teams from Barbados to Toronto for tournaments which also served to aid in the exposure of Barbadian players to coaches and scouts in Toronto and also took soccer teams to Barbados to promote and showcase the island. Mark has a close affinity to children with special needs, and to this end has worked tirelessly through the Barbados Ambassador's group to successfully raise funds for the Ann Hill School (a Special Needs School in Barbados).

Cheryl Phillips - Vice President

Cheryl has spent the last 40 years in the newspaper industry in Canada and the USA, where she rose to executive roles within Sun Media, the Toronto Star and Metroland Media Organizations. Cheryl’s strong business acumen, exceptional interpersonal skills and genuine love for people led to her success throughout her career, and she lives by the mantra, treat people as you would want to be treated. She is currently retired from media, but is using all the knowledge and experience gained over the years, in consulting with companies and organizations in many facets of business including leadership, sales and sales management training and strategic planning. Cheryl has been a member of the Board of Governors for Centennial College in Toronto and a member of the Board of Directors for Tropicana Community Services Organization. She is currently President of the Harrison-Queen’s College Alumni Association in Toronto and Vice Chair of the Caribbean Philanthropic Group of the Scarborough Hospital Foundation.

Caroline Hartley - Treasurer

Caroline is a Certified Accounting Professional and has spent many years in the Finance Industry. Her love of Barbados and her passion for the Diaspora encourages her to assist her community wherever needed. She has served on the Boards of the Barbados Ambassadors Canada and the Barbados Ball Canada Aid. She has been the Bookkeeper and Treasurer for her Church for the past four years. Caroline loves movies, travelling and reading.

Tonya Campbell - Secretary

Tonya is the newest member to join the Board and is also an Executive Committee member of BridgeTO, a non-profit community organization in Toronto. By profession, she is an Epidemiologist with the Ontario Public Health Sector. Her work encompasses a number of different opioid-related projects, including evaluating the impacts of policies and programs on utilization and health outcomes among people who use opioids. In her spare time, she likes travelling, reading mysteries and thrillers.

Other Board Members

Sharon Cumberbatch, Malcolm Flatts, Haldale Jalloh, Ruby Maynard, Peggy Murray, Eglon Sealy, David Vaughn

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About us

Barbados Canada Association (BCA) is a not-for-profit organization that supports charitable causes in the interest of Barbadians in Canada and Barbados, with a focus on youth and health.